■Hot spring

Opening hours:
[Overnight Guests]
Opened 1:00pm to 11:00pm (last reception time 10:00pm)
Morning Bath 6:00–8:00 am(last reception time 7:40am)

[Non-Overnight Guests]
Opened 1:00pm to 11:00pm (last reception time 10:00pm)

[Overnight Guests]Free

[Non-Overnight Guests]
Adults ¥1,080 (incl. tax; bath tax included)
Children ¥770 (incl. tax; under elementary school age)

*Important notes on SPA use

・The following persons are not allowed of entry to the SPA:Persons with tattoos, Persons who are connected to organized crime groups, Inebriated persons
・Persons under 12 years of age may enter the SPA with a guardian.
・Please put your valuables in the safety box or leave them at the front desk. The hotel bears no responsibility with respect to the valuables left in other places than the above mentioned.
・Please wear your clothes or indoor wear in the SPA waiting room.
・Please do not bring your food and drink in the SPA
・Please refrain from storing or leaving behind your belongings. The hotel does not bear any responsibility for their loss.
・Please do not dye your hair in the SPA.
・Please note that any person who behaves in troublesome or dangerous way and do not comply when cautioned by the staff, will be requested to leave the premises.

■Relaxation *Reservation is required

Relaxation is said to be more effective after having a bath in the hot spring.
You can choose the relaxation type that suits you most.

Opened 1:00pm to 11:00pm (last reception time 10:00pm)
Body scrub will be until 11:00pm (last reception time 10:00pm) *Closed every Tuesday

Foot therapy30min¥3,600
Body care30min¥3,600
Body care50min¥5,900
Body care80min¥9,400
Body care100min¥11,800
Body care or Mild chiropractic and Foot therapy60min¥7,100
Mild chiropractic30min¥3,300
Mild chiropractic50min¥5,900
Mild chiropractic80min¥9,400
Mild chiropractic100min¥11,800
Body scrub and Body wash30min¥4,300
Body scrub and Body mask45min¥6,500
Body scrub and Oil treatment60min¥9,500
*tax-included price

Body care
Masseur’s hands will relieve your tired body from the tension.
Pushing and stretching the muscles will improve blood circulation and will help relieve the everyday fatigue.

Mild chiropractic
It is a mild chiropractic using mostly Acupressure.
Stimulating pressure points all over your body, will relieve the everyday stress, stiffness.
After your body has relaxed, we will push the bone positions back to the right place softly, without pain.

Foot therapy
Reflexologies of the foot is connected to the functions of internal organs, therefore this therapy will reflect your health condition.
Stimulating the reflexology will help your organ functions work better. And also heals foot tiredness and swelling too.

Body scrub    *Closed every Tuesday
Scrubbing old keratin off your skin, improves blood circulation and metabolism.
It is said that this washes out body wastes and toxin, carried on lymphatic fluid circulation.
Therefore it is believed to be effective to skin care, aging prevention and stress removing.


Opening hours:
Opened 1:00pm to 10:00pm (last reception time 9:00pm)

[Overnight Guests]Adults ¥1,000 (incl. tax; bath tax included)

[Non-Overnight Guests]Adults ¥2,080 (incl. tax; bath tax included)